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“Keep it clean…softwash clean”

Soft Wash is the alternative to pressure washing. We use water-based, biodegradable chemicals that sanitizes and cleans the roof and other exterior surfaces. Our chemicals are specially formulated to destroy and remove any dirt, mold, algae, mildew and bacteria that thrive on your roof surface.

These organism’s breakdown the roofing material, subsequently reducing the life expectancy of your roof.

With SoftWash, the chemicals does all the cleaning! We use a maximum of 125 psi water pressure in our process.

We are also friends of the environment; we use 1/3 the water of traditional pressure washing and all of our chemicals comply with the good stewards program!

*Good stewards are environmentally conscience persons or entities that work to preserve nature, and reduce the negative impact that humans have on the environment.

The first step is an onsite assessment by one of our trained technicians.

A report will be done, and a project proposal will be submitted for the client’s consideration.

Should the proposal be accepted, a team will be briefed on project details and an execution date will be confirmed.

We use a low pressure system that relies 100% on cleaning solutions. We apply the solution from the ground or ladder to your roof.

Typically one gallon of solution can clean a minimum of 100 square feet, washing and rinsing combine approximately 2.5-3 gallons per 100 square feet.

That’s approximately 75 gallons of water for an average 2500 square foot home.

Every project is unique and will vary, but the average residence will get completed in one day.

Soft wash systems, our parent company does offer a warranty, its usually 3-5 years, but specifics about that will be included in the technician’s report.

It’s actually quite quiet!!

Our system is powered by a 12v battery pump system, unlike a gasoline powered motor pressure washer.

We also use a 120v booster pump for the rinsing process.

Specific plant and property protection training has been completed and strict protocols are part of our everyday procedures. People plants and pets remain safe.

We water all landscaping before and while cleaning. Then we use our plant wash, this neutralizing solution is applied to the landscaping after the roof cleaning is done.This solution is specially made for neutralizing bleach from the plant and re-establish soil bacteria. It also feeds and fortifies the plants.

Our solutions are 100% echo-friendly but, during the cleaning process, we require that pets or persons not trained leave the work area, but as soon as we’re done the area is safe to access.

Each project is unique and will vary, a site assessment will determine the cost implication.

In each assessment many factors are taken into consideration when developing a quote such as the pitch of the roof, the size of the roof degree of black stains is there any moss or lichen present, perimeter landscaping and accessibility.

However the cost is fractional compared to the benefits gained!

No, you don’t, once were allowed access to the property, we will get the job done.

Besides it being an eye sore, cleaning your roof sanitizes your living environment, extends the life of your roof, improves curb appeal, decrease allergies and respiratory issues, decrease cooling costs and increases the roofs reflectivity and ultimately improving efficiency.

  • Properly cleaning your roof destroys the organisms that breakdown your roof surface.
  • 100% kill ratio
  • Halts the deterioration
  • Improves appearance of the building
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Protects coating and surface details

Significant results are immediate.

Depending on environmental conditions and number of trees in close proximity your roof should remain free of black stains for 3 to 5 years after treatment.

If any run off or over spray gets into pool that is not a problem, the pool filtration system will remove solution.

If any over spray gets on your vehicle we have a solution “Final wash” that is specifically made to neutralize any residue of bleach or chemicals which will all be listed in the assessment quote.

In addition to roofing systems, we clean up to all types of surfaces like building siding/walls, windows, gutters, driveways, decks, fencing, play grounds and much more.

Soft washing could be utilized on all kinds of building materials consisting of timber, wood, brick, concrete, aluminum, metal, vinyl siding, and much more.

Roofing materials; asphalt shingles, wood shingles, clay or concrete tiles, metal and much more

Yes, our team members have been trained and certified by our parent company Softwash Systems in the US.

No we don’t use any high pressure or pressure washer at all while treating your roof. The chemicals do all of the cleaning and the surface is rinsed clean with water less than 150psi typically from a garden hose.

Our treatment will closely resemble a pest control application rather than pressure washing.

The unique Softwash process is the most gentle means of cleaning your painted surfaces and therefore will only enhance their exterior, provided the integrity of the paint was already intact.

Soft washing was created over twenty years ago. It has been completely tested and over 100,000 roofing systems have been efficiently cleaned using soft washing.

Roof Renew wash established in 2019 but our company’s founders have over 20 years combined in the construction and property management field. Soft washing is a new endeavour but we are well suited and qualified for this area of work.

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